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Workplace Wellbeing – What’s in a workshop?

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Wellbeing at work

Workplace Wellbeing – What’s in a workshop?

The need for workplace wellbeing is on the rise.


  • 32% of Greater Geelong adults have anxiety or depression which is higher than the level for Victoria.
  • 49% are classified as obese or pre-obese.
  • Over half of Greater Geelong adults do not meet the physical activity guidelines.

These statistics are from The City of Greater Geelong MUNICIPAL PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELLBEING PLAN 2018 – 2021 and I have no doubt that these would be reflected in your local area as well.

I want to empower you and your employees to live a full and positive life and my workshops are a great way to kick start that process.

Before I come into a workplace, these are the things I like to discuss with management…

  • Are employees communicating clearly and consciously?
  • Is there some embedded negativity that needs to be turned around?
  • Are employees feeling burnt-out and lack empathy towards themselves, each other or clients?
  • Are people actually taking breaks throughout the day?
  • Is the workforce engaged or is there a rise in presenteeism?
    Wellbeing at Work

    Workplace Wellbeing

Once we have identified the challenges, I can work on a tailored workshop that will address these in a meaningful way and create change within individuals which leads to an increase in employee engagement.

Most importantly, I discuss WorkLife Blend – this is where I offer ways for employees to bettering themselves, for themselves. Not for the business that has hired me. I want to employees to focus on their personal wellbeing because this blends into their workplace wellbeing. The better they are within themselves, is the better they are at work.

Together we debunk the term ‘wellness’, we define our personal and professional ‘why’, discuss emotional equity, the different types of stress and what it means to be burnt out. I then share my personal mental health saviours.

Here’s what a few of my clients have said about my wellbeing workshops..

“Amarra ran a workshop with our team in Melbourne earlier this year. The response and feedback from my colleagues was super positive. Not only were we provided with wise advice, Amarra also teaches practical actions we can all take to manage stress and lead happy lives. Prior to the workshop I have known Amarra through our partnership with The Gordon for over 3 years. Amarra is an incredible person and has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Amarra is generous in sharing her own personal story, which helps people open up and feel safe sharing their own. I would highly recommend engaging with Amarra and can’t wait for our next sessions!!” – Alice, Social Garden

“We engaged Amarra to deliver a presentation style wellness workshop to our nurses and midwives. Amarra was relaxed and approachable throughout her presentation and offered solution focused and practical based ideas for our audience to implement in both their professional and personal lives. In addition to this, Amarra was more than happy to create a presentation that was specific to the needs of our audience.” – Glenn, Nursing and Midwifery Health Program

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Amarra Bowkett

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