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So, WELLNESS has become quite the buzzword.

I see it everywhere and in my opinion, it’s been (on the most part) used incorrectly!

Here is what WELLNESS means to me. CONNECTION.

Wellness is connection. 

Connection with yourself.

Connection with your community/others.

Connection with the environment.

When you connect with yourself, you eat better, you move better and you take care of your emotions. You are positive and you are open to the amazing possibilities ahead of you.

When you connect with others, you are putting the ‘ego’ aside and making sure that others are feeling good, that they have a support system and in turn, that makes you feel good.

When you connect with your environment, even on a small scale, like connecting with your workspace or your home, you feel at ease, in control and positive about the space you are in.

When all three of these are in alignment (and there are peaks and troughs with these) then you are on your way to high level wellness.

Amarra Bowkett

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