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Stress – 5 tips to find your centre.

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Stress – 5 tips to find your centre.

Life gets busy. We all feel moments of stress..

There is always something we need to be doing, someone we need to see or somewhere we need to be. Being pulled in so many directions leads to overwhelm.

Here are my tips to find your centre.


Breathe –  It sounds simple, but we forget to really focus on it. My favourite breathing exercise is called box breathing – you’ll in the below picture how easy it is to do.


Breathe in for four counts, hold for four, breathe out for four, hold for four and repeat four times.

Focusing on my breath helps me stay in the present moment and relieve my anxious thoughts.

Read – Pick up a book, grab your kindle, the paper or a magazine, whatever it is, find some space in your mind with words. I read every night before I go to bed and when I find myself with some spare time, I grab my kindle and read. It stops me from thinking about what I need to be doing and helps to to find stillness.

Taking some time to focus on a book helps me to be present.

Nature – I’m lucky enough to have my very own greenhouse which means I can ease my mind in nature at any time I like. There’s really nothing like getting outside and getting your hands dirty. Go and weed the garden beds, get some indoor plants, walk through your local parks and botanical gardens and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. Your soul will sing!

Indoor plants help clean the air and give you a task to focus on. Pic from Pexels

Mindful Meals – most of us eat at least three meals a day and several snacks. This is the perfect opportunity to be mindful. Focus on what you’re doing when you are preparing your meal, notice the smells, the sound and the texture. When you’re eating, do the same. Notice the sounds around you, notice the smell of your food and the texture in your mouth. Eat slowly and have gratitude for your food, for the people who grew it and for the fact that you aren’t going without.

Mindful eating helps you to remain in the present moment and be grateful for what is in front of you.

Yoga – This is the last tip, but the most important. To feel at ease and relieve stress, we all need to move our bodies and my favourite way is through regular yoga practice. I wrote a blog about yoga (you can read it here) and what I said in it was this.

When there is a tough pose, I’ll give it a go and if I fall, I’ll dust myself off and have a giggle. I also know when I need to back off and take the modifications, by doing this, I maintain strength and alignment and don’t compromise my practice for the sake of how it may look to the person next to me. This is also how I approach life. My integrity and authenticity is everything to me, so I won’t compromise that just for how something may ‘look’ to the outsider.

Yoga helps me to appreciate my body and feel connected with myself and with those I practice with.

How I approach my mat is how I approach life. When I need to push myself, that’s what I do and when I need to look after myself and take it easy, I listen to my body and do just that.


I invite you to try one or all of these, see how they feel and if they help you to relieve the stress in your life.


Be well, Amarra.

Amarra Bowkett

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