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Six Weeks to Wellness

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Six Weeks to Wellness



It has been the greatest gift for me to be able to hold space for my clients, to sit with their emotions and to guide them to self actualisation through my wellness coaching business. My clients are all so diverse, men, women, young and gracefully ageing! With this diversity I have seen one common theme unfold… they have all wanted to change, they have known that there is something more to life, that there was something just out of their reach, yet they couldn’t put their finger on what it was or what they needed to do.

Together we were able to break down what was standing in their way, and to uncover what their needs were and most importantly, to find a way, a solid strategy to take action and achieve what they once thought was impossible.

Here’s how my Six Weeks to Wellness program works..

Week One – we’ll catch up for 60- one on one, either in person in my consulting room or via Skype. This session is what I call a discovery session. We’ll talk about how you’ve got to this point and where you want to go. We’ll set some small goals for the following week and we’ll talk about what you want your future to look like.

Week Two – this time we’ll catch up for 45mins one on one, either in person in my consulting room or via Skype. We’ll discuss how your week went, what roadblocks you encountered and what you succeeded at. We’ll then revisit your goals and begin creating your vision statement. This is what will become your mantra and what you will use to align your values and future decisions.

Week Four – this is the week you’ll feel like things are falling into place. You’ll be sure about your new routine, you’ll have more insight into why the changes we’ve made are beneficial and you’ll be ready to solidify your goals and vision statement. Our catch up will once again be 45mins and can be in person or via Skype.

Week Six – Congratulations!

You have made it to the final week and you will no longer be surviving, you’ll be thriving!

We’ll revisit our first meeting and review your initial goals, we’ll make changes if needed to your vision statement and we’ll devise a new set of goals for you to achieve. This final catch up will run for 45-60mins and would be best done in person.


In addition to this, you will have access to me via phone and email, so you’ll never have to feel unsupported. We’re a team and I’m here to help you as much as I can.


Are you in?

Amarra Bowkett