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Qualifications….. What to look for in the wellness industry.

The Well State / Health and Wellbeing  / Qualifications….. What to look for in the wellness industry.

Qualifications….. What to look for in the wellness industry.

So, its no surprise that the Wellness industry isn’t regulated. This means you could be working with someone who says a lot, but doesn’t have the research to back it up. Whether you are looking to engage someone for the wellbeing of your employees or for your personal wellbeing, please look into their skills and experience before saying ‘YES’.

Not only do I have a lived experience in the wellbeing space, I hold a Graduate Diploma in Wellness with Distinction from the Health / Science faculty of RMIT, Wellness Coaching Certificate from Wellness Coaching Australia and I am a 250hr certified Yoga Teacher.

Wellness qualification

Amarra Bowkett – Graduate Diploma in Wellness with Distinction


These qualifications and life experiences mean I am able to research the challenges of your organisation and I am able to present robust wellbeing strategies to improve the overall health and wellbeing of your employees.

From a personal wellbeing perspective, I am able to separate my personal experiences from researched strategies and guide you to successfully achieving your wellbeing goals. It’s also important to state here that I will make sure you have clearance from a medical professional if I feel it’s necessary. I know my boundaries and I respect yours, so I’ll recommend a psychologist if I feel that is what you need.

Like I said before, this isn’t a regulated industry. I see so many ‘wellness coaches’ leading with weightloss advice and it just makes me so sad that people who are vulnerable will get caught up in that quick fix. Wellness and wellbeing are a journey. What works for one person, may not work for you. And… ask yourself this, are the ideas they are presenting well researched? Did they have trials? Have they had a broad range of people take part in their studies? What is the maintenance ¬†period and what is the success rate after 12 months?

What is happening in your life is a reflection of what is happening in your mind…. be sure to work with someone who reflects your values, is authentic and presents research, not just their personal ideas…

Amarra Bowkett

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