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YOGA – How I approach my mat, is how I approach life.

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Yoga Geelong

YOGA – How I approach my mat, is how I approach life.


I love every minute I spend on my mat. I love the appreciation I have for my body once I finish my practice. I love how I can connect with my breath and move mindfully. I love the challenge and I love the wobbles and the laughs that follow.

I often say this in my classes and I’ll share it with you too…

Yoga in Geelong

Geelong workplace yoga

How I approach yoga is how I approach life.

When there is a tough pose, I’ll give it a go and if I fall, I’ll dust myself off and have a giggle. I also know when I need to back off and take the modifications, by doing this, I maintain strength and alignment and don’t compromise my practice for the sake of how it may look to the person next to me. This is also how I approach life. My integrity and authenticity is everything to me, so I won’t compromise that just for how something may ‘look’ to the outsider.

I have recently become a 250 hour certified vinyasa teacher and I am sharing my practice and knowledge with Geelong workplaces. With each class, comes an opportunity to assist someone to feel vibrant and alive – how special is that?

My workplace yoga classes run for 30 minutes and are a mix of mindful movement, vinyasa flows and connection with breath and body – with some rad tunes and some philosophy thrown in for good measure.

Throughout the class I am able to offer advice on techniques along with create a space disconnecting participants from their workload, enabling them to restore and rejuvenate.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

If you’d like me to come to your workplace, email me at thewellstate@gmail.com



Amarra Bowkett

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