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About Me

I’m a Wellness and Lifestyle Advisor, a truth seeker, wife, mother, bestie and part time glam hippie!

Like you, I’ve found myself at the lowest of lows. Filled with anxiety, riddled with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, adrenal fatigue and all round feeling pretty blah.

Two years ago I decided enough was enough. I worked with a range of professionals in western and natural medicine and together we made changes to my diet, to how I moved my body and how I nourished my mind. I’ve never felt better, and it has all lead me to this amazing business.

I have lived the life of a successful corporate executive in both Procurement and Public Relations, but I have stepped away from that to live my truth in the world of Wellness and Health. My studies have lead me to become passionate about those of you who devote your life to others. That includes Nurses, Doctors, Carers, Educators, Disability workers and Child Care professionals (to name just a few). You care for those who you may only meet for such a short-term, or you spend a big part of your life on a journey with them. Either way, my question is, who is caring for you? Does your workplace have a robust wellbeing program that helps you to maximise your short breaks, take mindful moments in the day and encourages the importance of debriefing? My research has shown me that in most cases, these programs are purely lip service. I have created workshops that define and discuss Compassion Fatigue and Burnout and together we discuss how well researched and science backed mind body techniques can help improve your work-life blend.

Together we will make positive changes in your life, we’ll find that balance you’ve always longed for, we’ll create meals that will nourish that amazing body of yours and we’ll take note of all the incredible gifts you have in your life and be sure to be grateful for them.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you!