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 I’m passionate about creating well workplaces, about working with  professionals to mitigate compassion fatigue and mostly I want to help anyone who needs it; to kick stress and burnout to the curb.

 Today’s society has us working around the clock, eating out all the time and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. We’re always looking for the next promotion, the next new gadget or the fastest, flashiest car.

Well, I’m here to change all of that.

Not so long ago I was living a fast paced corporate life, working long hours, making lots of money and spending it all on long lunches, designer handbags and all nighters! My world came crashing down around me when I was crippled with anxiety and riddled with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I decided to put my health and wellbeing first, I stepped back from a successful career in Public Relations and went back to uni and completed Graduate Diploma in Wellness with Distinction (RMIT Health/Science Faculty) and I haven’t looked back!

The Well State is dedicated to educating you to live a present, mindful, healthy and most importantly, WELL life.

Over the last few years I have worked with individuals and businesses to create well lifestyles. I have spoken with Olympic medalists, nationally recognised athletes, world renowned performance specialists and have loved every minute.

There’s no better time than now for us to work together. I can run workshops, speak with your employees or work one on one with you.

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Top tips

Wellness doesn’t have to be a big secret! I’m a big believer in sharing, so here are my top three tips to get you on your path to wellness.

Sleep – are you getting enough?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sleep, however I encourage you to make this your #1 priority.

Start by creating an awesome sleep environment. Open a window (depending on the weather of course), unclutter your space as much as you can, remove as many electronics as possible and dim the lights as much as possible.

Next, try turning the TV off at least 30mins before you go to bed.

Can you make it a new habit to go to bed half an hour earlier than you would normally?Once you’ve hopped into bed, read a book (not your ipad, you want to reduce as much blue light as you can) and spray some good quality lavender oil in your room and consider practicing yoga nidra.

Nourishment – how many veggies and fruits are you eating? Honestly?

The majority of our population aren’t getting the recommend daily intake of fruits and veggies, so you’re not alone if you’re struggling with this. Food is something so many of us can feel overwhelmed with, so lets make this one as easy as possible for you.

My advice is to start by talking one piece of fruit with you to work every day, this can become morning or afternoon tea. When you’re having your main meals, add an extra vegetable to your plate.

Over the next week, take two pieces of fruit for snacks and add two more veggies, making sure the colours are all different. In no time at all, you’ll feeling nourished and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Gratitude – do you practice this?

Every time I begin to talk about gratitude I feel emotional. This has been one of the most profound practices that I have adopted. Do you know that it is impossible to feel two emotions at the same time? Stop right now and try to feel happy and sad at the same time – impossible isn’t it!

When you start making the conscious decision to invite gratitude into your life, you will start to see all of the simple blessings that surround you. More and more your mind will open up to these gifts and when you do have a moment of overwhelm, you’ll be able to easily shift gears and move your attention to the things you are grateful for. This life is a blessing and we need to do whatever we can to make the most of it and to live to the absolute fullest!!

Words Of Wellness

We engaged Amarra to deliver a presentation style wellness workshop to our nurses and midwives. Amarra was relaxed and approachable throughout her presentation and offered solution focused and practical based ideas for our audience to implement in both their professional and personal lives. In addition to this, Amarra was more than happy to create a presentation that was specific to the needs of our audience.

Glenn Taylor CEO - Nursing and Midwifery Health Program, Vic

I went to The Well State on referral from a friend after I was suffering from bouts of anxiety brought on by a recent medical condition. After the 6 week course I am happy to say I am on the right track to reclaiming my thoughts and identifying what anxiety is and how to tackle it. It has been an actual weight off my mind. Further to this, Amarra has helped me identify other areas of my life that I want to improve, and I now have a solid step-by-step plan on how I’m going to achieve that. If you want to make change in your life in a meaningful way, Amarra can show you how you already have the power within yourself to do so. Spanish philosopher Maimonides famously wrote "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" I can’t think of a better way to sum my experience up than this, and I can’t recommend The Well State highly enough. This course has helped me change my life.


I signed up for Amarra’s 6 Week’s to Wellness Coaching with no real idea of what to expect, I just knew that something was missing from my life and I was at a point where I was willing to try anything. After almost a year of unexplained fatigue, that my GP kept telling me was depression, I had seen a number of great practitioners and knew I was eating well and doing lots to support my well-being, but I was still struggling mentally and had no drive or motivation. Amarra helped me to set and achieve some goals, that mostly had me focussing more on myself, who I was, what I wanted to do and what my passions were. She helped me to recognise that what was actually missing from my life was taking the time to do the things I actually enjoyed. Once I started to focus on making more time for me, everything else started to fall into place. I finally had my mojo back! My biggest take away from the 6 weeks was not to underestimate the value of learning to prioritise self care and taking time for myself.


I have completed 2 x 6 week courses with The Well State and I can honestly say that so much has changed for me on a personal level. How I see Amarra is that she is my Wellness Mentor/Coach. When I walked into my first appointment my whole focus was on my weight and that I needed to lose a lot of it! When I walked out 12 weeks later my focus is on myself and how important it is to take time for myself, say no for myself, rid myself of unwanted attachments whether it be Alcohol, invitations, sugary foods and this doesn’t mean never having them again it means they are not important, or course this is an ongoing process some days better than others. That life is to be lived and there has to be a balance. I have to schedule my time to actually make space for positive physical and mental changes. I am able to share with Amara inspirational photos, or email when I am struggling and I have this wonderful person coming back to me with encouragement and some strategies to move forward in a positive manner. By no means am I perfect and quite often I still take 1 step forward and 10 steps back but the difference is I now say to myself small steps and consistency are the key to feeling calm, content and happy in my own skin. The other positive is I now have a wonderful resource library from all the tips Amarra has shared with me. I feel very honoured to be a part of The Well State Community!


I came across the Well State in the GT magazine when I read a write-up about Amarra. Having been a year above Amarra at school it was amazing to see how far she had come with both her personal life and business. Reading what Amarra had to offer her clients in regards to well being and mindfulness I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take time for myself and for me to put me first. From the moment I sat with Amarra at her beautiful studio I felt at ease and able to open up about myself. Amarra has given me a lot of strategies to get through day today tasks and being able to help me set goals to improve myself, making time for myself and enjoying the moment. I cannot thank Amarra enough for all the support and guidance that she gives not only at her appointments but also her checking in on me to make sure I'm okay days later. Her follow up was beyond my expectations; I'm so glad I decided to put my self first.


Thanks for guiding me to a different path in life.


What is Wellness coaching?

Is coaching for you?

What is WELLNESS coaching and WHY do I need it? I am asked this quite a lot, so here is what #wellnesscoaching is and how I work with my clients.

  • I help you tap into your innate fighting spirit.
  • I assist you to define a personal wellness, health, or fitness vision.
  • Together we set and achieve realistic goals.
  • Together we identify and harness the strengths you need to overcome your obstacles.
  • We reframe your obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • I enable you to build a support team and
  • I will inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would do alone. If you want to know more, email me hello@thewellstate.com

Clients / Partners

Wellness & Lifestyle consultations

Six week WELLNESS program

This is my introductory program where we will get together four times over a six week period to delve into why you are on the brink of burnout, how we can take action to make YOU a priority and together we will have you well on your way to creating new and long lasting health and wellness habits.

Investment $750 this can be face to face or via skype

WELLschool - Students

I’m thrilled to be able to offer Wellness in schools. I long for a culture of school students who accept themselves for who they are. Who live in the moment and understand that there is a balance between working hard at their studies and letting go and enjoying their youth. My school program encourages students to be present and mindful, to learn that there is no good or bad food, that food is simply food and weight is just a number. My school based programs are different for each school so please contact me directly so we can design a program specific to your needs.

WELLschool - Educators

Teaching is a profession that gives you so much. You watch your students flourish and change over the time they are under your guidance. You care for them and help them every step of their way, but who is caring for you? These days you are expected to be contactable at any hour, your day doesn’t end at 3:30pm when the students have left. My WELLschool – Educators program is based on taking care of you. In an interactive group workshop we discuss the different types of stress, how Compassion Fatigue and Burnout can creep into your life and how well researched and research backed mind body techniques can help improve your work-life blend.

Contact me directly for a tailored package.

Worklife Blend

This program is aimed at small groups of fast paced corporates. Together we will discuss and most likely debate, what success is, what it means to you and why you feel like status is everything. We’ll redefine what makes you happy, I’ll show you how to give yourself permission to step back from your old ways and adopt a new way of thinking that will allow you to live your life in a way that blends work and pleasure and most importantly, stops burnout in its tracks.

This workshop works best as a full day however can be tailored to suit your needs.

One on one coaching

One on one coaching – if you would like to meet with me for some one on one coaching outside of these packages, please head to the ‘Booking’ section of my site where you can view my availabilities and choose a time that suits you. We can meet and discuss your needs and design the best program for you.

Investment $220 per hour

Health care professionals

Healthcare is sustained by SELFcare. Group workshops are designed for healthcare professionals from all areas and skill levels to learn about the impacts of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout and how well researched and science backed mindbody techniques can help reduce the negative mental health implications that come from working in the Healthcare Industry.

Contact me directly for a tailored package.

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